How we work for you

As a CQC accredited organisation, Right4Recruitment recruits skilled and caring staff who are experienced in providing premier care support to patients in the Health and Social Care sector. Our Carers are able to provide timely, quality and caring support to those with learning difficulties, physical and mental health problems, drug and alcohol problems, elderly and EMI, as well as a range of other support-dependant issues. Our strength lies in our people, and we ensure that all our staff meet the highest of quality standards and are trained to provide outstanding care services to our clients and their care users. We have a vast catalogue of choice carers which enables us to provide you with experienced, skilled staffing solutions at a moment's notice.

Prior to booking our staff, we work closely with you to discuss and understand your needs, and equally, the needs of your service users, including diagnosis, care plans and any treatment guidelines you wish us to be aware of. This ensures that we make the best matches, providing talented and qualified care staff that are right for your organisation. Our staff will be led by your existing staff but will have the ability to work autonomously once they have completed your service induction.

Where possible we will supply the same cohort of staff to work with you on a regular basis. This is because we understand the benefits of working with staff who are already familiar with your organisational practices, and the importance of building relationships and maintaining consistency between service users and their care staff.

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Some of our Clients

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Look Ahead Care and Support
Four Seasons Health Care
Geometric Results
London Borough of Hillingdon
Brent Council
Life Opportunities Trust
Sunrise Senior Living